New pope of Rome answers questions

I used to say that the pope of Rome never answers questions, and is not accountable to others.

At least, he now answers questions.

During the resignation of Ratzinger from the Roman papacy, a discussion on BBC Scotland asked the question whether the job was too much for one man. A papal advisor, Professor John Haldane of the University of St Andrews, suggested that some parts of the papal office may be split off from the Roman papacy. Another questioner asked if it was the beginning of the end of the Roman papacy. This was too much for Haldane, who denied that such a thing was possible. His Roman theology was very likely clouding his reading of Scripture and providence.

This may be the beginning of the unravelling of the Roman papacy. It is happening on cue, just in time for the Millennial Advent. However, the international commission which will sit in judgment on the papacy Dan 7:26 has yet to be established. The openness of the internet era led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Roman papacy will not be far behind. The exposure of Ratzinger’s involvement in covering up paedophile priests was shown by BBC 4 on 10 June 2013, which along with “the murky world of Vatican finances”, have been reasons postulated for Ratzinger’s sudden and unexpected resignation. The Black Pope resigned not so long before this.

It is possible that we have witnessed the last pope of Rome to die in office. As Ratzinger will not die as the pope of Rome, does he die as an ordinary Roman Catholic? If future popes of Rome resign before death, although death in office is always possible, we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the Roman papacy.

7 Apr 2012: Questions and answers in congregational life.

9 Sep 2012: Mea Maxima Culpa documentary.

10 Jun 2013 BBC Four: “Maxima Culpa: exposing the abuse of power in the Roman Catholic church and the cover-up that winds its way from Wisconsin, through Ireland, to the Vatican.” It was a hard-hitting exposure of the Vatican’s cover-up.

27 May 2017: I learned today that some top, prominent, but unelected European Union officials feel no obligation to grant interviews to journalists.  The democratic deficit is wonderful to behold.

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