Main stream media is the secular pulpit

Preachers have a habit of missing the mark. Jesus Christ majored on what mattered and accused preachers in His day of omitting the weightier matters.  In our day, preachers are failing to address the secular dogmas being preached by the mass media.

The media soap box

The greatest errors of our day are being preached through the mass and broadcast media. Secularism is preached to such an extent that teenagers repeat secular morality as if they had learned the secular catechism at school. Possibly this hits the nail on the head; school are teaching the mantras of secularism as if they were a catechism.

This might be supported by considering that a post-graduate student has been expelled from Sheffield University for not complying with and repeating the mantras of secular morality.  Contradiction and freedom of speech is not tolerated by secular morality.

media as top dog
Media as top dog

The media sets the agenda each day, choosing what it thinks is important and thus sets the debate, usually along secular lines. Its commentators are well-schooled in secular morality.

On the other hand, many preachers fail to address these matters in public life. This failure would not be allowed in the media. If a programme does not live up to its expected audience the broadcast media will axe it.

It is time for Christian preachers to deal with the false theology of secularism.

My blog seeks to give a Christian angle on media stories, which secular media will not address.

‘For thus has the Lord said to me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees’ Isa 21:6.


27 Feb 2021: journalists now lead the debate on many topics. By nature they stay abreast of current debate and publicize their results. By this means they become opinion-makers. My experience of those behind the camera is that their off-camera persona and demeanour is very different from their public image, which is the origin of the word ‘hypocrite’ – an actor wearing (Greek: hupo ‘beneath or behind’) a mask.

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