Jobs for the boys

You may have noticed that many of those who retire or move on from public service jobs are able to pick up plum jobs in the private sector or a government quango.  Their experience in one job qualifies them for the next job.

However, this experience can include manifest failures to the detriment of the public.  This nepotism is the secular equivalent of moving disgraced Roman Catholic priests from one part of the globe to another.

Two steps forward and one step backward

Damaging failures are especially true of social services where secular social experimentation has damaged many families.  The social experiment which is destroying the nuclear family, and diminishing and prejudicing the education of the average citizen, is disguised by the technological advances which just keep our heads above the water.  Yet these technologies can be and are being abused.  Even the mainstream media are feeling the pressure of competition from unregulated social media.  The scientific part of UK society is progressing and the social part is regressing.

This is a failure of secular morality in a society that has abandoned Christian common sense, Christian charity and Christian conscience – Christian morality.

Returning to ‘jobs for the boys’, possibly having made so many mistakes in public life qualifies them for their new job, based on an Edisonian-principle. Edison experimented with thousands of failures before he invented a successful electric light bulb for commercial production.

Except … Thomas Edison was experimenting on technology, whereas many public servants are experimenting with people’s lives and ruining them with their failed experiments. Doctors cannot simply experiment on human patients without their consent, and even animal experimentation is hedged about with regulations against pain and distress.  Not so social services which can ruin families’ lives with gay abandon.


15 Dec 2017: If the Church of England’s investigative procedures can trash the reputation of well-known figures, what guarantee can we have that social workers’ reports about ordinary people are even-handed?

15 Jan 2018: the UK’s second biggest construction company Carillion has gone into liquidation.  Where were the Christian board members warning this company that it was over-stretching itself?  Had they all retired?  Ruination is the price paid for a non-Christian secular society.

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