Google is catching up with Facebook

Facebook’s reputation has been tarnished with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and now Google has been caught out by still tracking devices even when location history is turned off.

Google is catching up with Facebook in this unwelcome competition.

However, not many people know that they are still logged in to Facebook on all devices on which they logged in.  Shutting down Facebook on a device does not mean that you are logged out, and it is necessary to log out from each device used to log in to Facebook.

The reason why Apple became the world’s greatest company was Steve Jobs‘ ability to understand the user experience for his products.  It seems to be a rare skill.


25 Mar 2019: after many weeks of frustration I highlight another Google problem.  The new Google Contacts platform has some advantages but several disadvantages, which online searching has not solved.  If anyone knows how to solve this, let me know:

1. one can add labels to Google Contacts but one cannot add a new label to Contacts, only existing labels.  Nowhere can I find how to make a new label nor how to add to a new label.  This was very easy on the former platform.  The obvious place is the Edit button but it does not give the option, not does any online answer explain how.

2. it is complicated to add an existing label to a Google Contact because one has to scroll through dozens or possibly hundreds of available labels, whereas in the past one could simply type the label and it would jump to it and Enter would add it; now one needs to scroll with a mouse and then select the specific label.  This is slow and disadvantages the keyboard user.

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