A better nature than the one with which you were born

When will the study of human behaviour teach people that each human being needs a radical change of spirit?

How many more examples of social media messages full of hate, personal and corporate scandals, and human trafficking and child abuse do we need to hear before people will realise that human nature needs to be fundamentally changed?

This is what Jesus taught, but many people think that they are just fine the way they are. Strangely, they are ready to improve their golfing skills, and other aspects of their game, and at work they look forward to training days and to CPD (continuous professional development). However, this thought does not seem to apply to themselves as persons.

However, even the mildest people seem to have a character change when they get behind the steering wheel of a motor vehicle. The Jekyll and Hyde transformation seems to apply in the anonymity of the cocoon.

The internet seems to demonstrate that anonymity brings the worse out of people, whether it is verbal or sexual. This illustrates the problem – there is much worse to be found in people.

‘evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived’ 2Tim 3:13.

We need a better spirit than the one we were born with, and this is what Jesus offers.

This is why Jesus said: ‘Marvel not that I said, You must be born again’ John 3:7.

We need to be born again with a better nature by God’s Spirit.


7 Sep 2018: unwittingly, I posted this topic on my good lady’s 70th birthday.

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