Celebrating a grand lady

Family and friends

There have been a few ladies in my life. The first one was my beloved mother, and I suppose I need to mention my two sisters who knocked the awkward corners off my teenage life.

The grand lady in my life is my good lady, Elizabeth, the Home Secretary, His Master’s Voice and She Who Must Be Obeyed, mother of four and grandmother of three – a truly grand mother.

IMG_20180907_134117659We celebrated one of her major milestones today in the New Drumossie Hotel, Inverness, where my daughter Esther celebrated her marriage to Alasdair, the last major family gathering that my late mother attended before she was taken away to heaven on 10/11/10, the first breach in my immediate family.

This life has its moments of bitterness and sweetness, and today’s happy celebration follows the recent breach in my sibling ranks, the Lord gladdening our sadness with renewed gladness.

‘weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning’ Ps 30:5.

The Christian church has to thank many a woman for their support in Christian service. It was Christ Who brought in women ‘out of the cold’ of previous ideologies that had dominated the world.  His Christian church began the process of recognising their valued place in the world. The current secular worldview is getting it wrong, as usual, and only stoking resentment between the sexes.

Thus I take the opportunity today to acknowledge my indebtedness to my good wife, to whom the Christian church at large is also indebted because Elizabeth’s domestic skills and management have enabled me to have the time and opportunity for my Christian ministry and writing.  The church of Christ owes a lot to her.  I suppose eternity alone will be able to measure and assess it properly, which will be true of the whole of this earthly life.

A good time was had by all

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