Learning basic apologetics

Apologetics is not apologizing but it is the technical term for defending Christianity against its detractors.

It is similar to being ready to give a reason for your Christian hope 1Pe 3:17.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the fundamental apologetical fact of the Christian faith. Paul argues in 1Cor 15 that if Jesus did not rise from the dead then the Christian faith is empty and we are still in our sins. We stand alone in our guilt. Where is a Saviour to be found?

On the other hand, if Jesus did rise from the dead, it changes everything. It is a black swan event – indeed, the greatest black swan event in human history. It shows that death is not the end. There is resurrection. The ungodly like to think that after they die they have escaped from any further punishment due to their sins. The resurrection shows that this is not so. It takes away this false hope arising from erroneous faith.

Proof of the resurrection

The apostle Paul is a fundamental witness to the resurrection. He knew both sides of the argument about Jesus’ resurrection. At one stage he was a rabid opponent of Christianity but later he became its foremost proponent. He taught and explained the necessity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If the Jews had stolen the body of Christ, Paul would know it. If the disciples had stolen it, Paul would have found out. His own analysis and explanation of the facts was that Jesus rose from the dead.

This changes everything.

Apologetics in action

Ask those who deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ to explain the conversion of the apostle Paul, if they can. You will discover the poverty of their argument and that they have not thought very deeply about it.

If they should try to hide behind the thought, who cares about the apostle Paul? then let them know that Paul is second only to Jesus in the number of biographies written about him. They probably don’t know this.. Don’t let people think Paul is insignificant.

The Christian faith has defended itself against sceptics for two thousand years and has taught critical thinking all that time.

Those who oppose the teaching of Christianity are not simply arguing with an idea but they are arguing against Jesus Christ, and you can read about Jesus’ conversation and teaching here.


25 Dec 2020: The role of the resurrection in effective Evangelism by Professor James Tour.

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