Julian Assange and the lack of natural justice

The extradition proceedings against Julian Assange resume in court next Monday and are expected to last several weeks.

It is a disgraceful case of political persecution on British soil.

An unconvicted journalist, Assange has been held in Bellmarsh prison, a top security institution, in inhumane conditions. It took about a year for an unconvicted man to secure a radio in his prison cell.

The mainstream media has been complicit by its silence. Peter Oborne considers it shameful and that history will judge current journalists.

The UK judicial process is demonstrating that British justice is not blind but that it is very partial when it involves politics. No wonder when the ordinary citizen of the UK has unequal access to justice – British law is against Natural Justice. There is no “British” justice. There is only justice for those who can afford a top lawyer to plead their case.

The extradition contract between Britain and the United States of America is imbalanced and contrary to natural justice, just as the European Arrest Warrant is. The European Union undermined the British concept of habeus corpus with the result that men can be treated as guilty until proved innocent on the mere ‘say-so’ of an accusing woman.

Earlier this year, a rare visitor to Julian Assange in Belmarsh prison was the Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell who said this is “the Dreyfus case of our age”.

Wikipedia says of Bellmarsh prison: “It is often used for the detention of prisoners for terrorist related offences.” This imprisonment of Assange is overkill, but no wonder when he has been almost killed already. His physical health is precarious after years of self-imposed and then judicially-imposed incarceration, to say nothing of his mental health and the torture of character assassination.

A film has been produced No Extradition and interviews Julian Assange’s father.

Amnesty International asserts that this case will be a key test of UK and USA justice.

Julian Assange has powerful supporters and does not need my input, but I wish to add my protest to the injustices perpetrated against him and to warn about the direction in which secular leaders are taking the UK. I watch proceedings with interest.


3 Oct 2020: the four-week trial of Julian Assange has concluded. The verdict is expected on 4th January. If you obtain your news from the BBC, you would probably not even know that there has been a trial. We are used to hearing of people ‘disappearing’ in certain regimes around the world, but Assange has disappeared from the mainstream media in the UK. We await the verdict. If it suits the BBC, there will be a Newsnight report on it; if not, an archival item may be substituted. However, surely even the BBC cannot avoid discussing it when the verdict is announced.

Journalist John Pilger was present at the Old Bailey trial for extradition of Julian Assange to the USA. He said: “It is the most important political trial of this century, certainly one of the most important of my lifetime and it has been virtually blacked out by most of the so-called misnamed mainstream media.” “British justice has been so trashed by this trial … those of us who have been in many courts around the world can no longer put the two words ‘British’ and ‘justice’ together.”

2 Nov 2020: little interest shown by mainstream media.

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