Infallibility back on the agenda

Three mistakes within five minutes on the BBC lunchtime news today.

Reporting on the EU Commission’s mistake in triggering Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol last Friday over its disagreement with AstraZeneca about the rollout of its coronavirus vaccine, raising tensions on the island of Ireland, followed by the EU holding fire, the BBC told us that the EU spokesman used the excuse that “only the pope is infallible”. The first mistake. He is not.

The BBC newsreader carried on the theme and asked the BBC European correspondent: “He is – and are they?” Second mistake. The EU correspondent confirmed the EU spokesperson’s mistaken belief that the pope in Rome is infallible as his excuse for the EU Commission’s mistake. If only it was as easy as this to excuse oneself, but one mistake cannot cover for another.

Why does the BBC pronounce that the Roman Catholic pope in Rome is infallible? Third mistake. Multitudes of Roman Catholics know that he is not.

It is time to educate people once more, especially as the BBC website does not make a story out of it.


7 Aug 2013: Pope Francis’ defective theology.

26 Feb 2018: Donald Trump’s poor theology and a list of others’ theology.

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