False doctrine and the need to expose it

The concept of false doctrine has been lost in this age when everyone is allowed to have their own opinion as if each opinion is equally valid.

This so-called liberal position is, however, simply a transitional phase during which our society moves into a new paradigm where secular opinion will impose its false doctrines upon a compliant society that is dominated by fake news manipulating a public who cannot distinguish truth from error.

It is the role of Christian preachers not only to preach the truth but to expose error and false doctrine.

There is no socially agreed standard against which to determine truth because of the shifting sands of secular morality. This societal attitude used to be called postmodernism but such a term is too academic or philosophical for the dumbed down society that is incapable of reasoned debate. The passing away of this ‘postmodernism’ term points to the transition to our current ‘woke’ culture that determines each new phase of thought or socially-imposed thinking through the mob who can shout loudest on social media.

We have come a long way from the cultured Christianity that used to characterise the western ‘civilised’ world. We will recover it only by patient teaching of Christian truth and exposure of false doctrine for what it is.

I intended finishing this blogpost here, but a notable example of false doctrine has been recalled to mind in today’s events.

The Macpherson Report

This blogpost happens to appear on the same day that the Scottish clan chief Sir William Macpherson died, aged 94 years old. Various media tributes major on The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry where he presided and issued the Report bearing his name, published in 1999 and which notably diagnosed ‘institutional racism’ in the Metropolitan Police in London.

What none of these tributes notice nor mention is the false doctrine in the heart of the Macpherson Report, that racism should be defined in subjective rather than objective terms. “A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person” Recommendation 12. The Scottish Christian Party has drawn attention to this dangerous doctrine for 15 years.

Macpherson called for reform of the judicial system, and this set the tone for a change in British law, which soon permeated its subjective definition through the nine “protected characteristics” formulated in the unequal Equality Act 2010. There is a pecking order among these, and case law has determined that Christianity is below homosexuality and possibly near the bottom.

It has done untold harm to British legislation and, as predicted in the Scottish Christian Party 2011 Manifesto, it has stoked up charge and counter-charge.

It is taking a long time to reverse its baneful effects but a recent judgment has begun to move the pendulum back to its correct equilibrium. Law must be objective and criminal law cannot be allowed to have a subjective element in it. It has reached the extreme that the US Senate’s second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump was based upon subjective opinion about stirring up hatred, illustrated by the block-voting in the US Senate. A blind eye has been turned to similar speeches at Black Lives Matter rallies. The SNP administration in Holyrood is trying to introduce a Hate Crime Bill which is receiving serious criticism, even to the claim that the Scottish Justice secretary knows so little about Scottish law that he does not understand the wrecking-ball that this legislation is, which has changed the opinion even of supporters of Scottish separation.

Update and links:

27 Jan 2021: exposure is better than censure.

16 Feb 2021: whom can we believe?

20 Feb 2021: mainstream media has failed you and your wallet.

14 Mar 2021: increasing recognition of subjective legislation. Non-Crime Hatred is recorded and can be held against you. Laurence Fox points out the danger of subjectivity in the law: “Equality under the law rather than different under subjective laws” – it sounds as if he has read the Christian Party Manifestos.

17 Oct 2021: Peter Hitchens says of the McPherson Report [18’47] became “the basis for what then became a thoroughly politically correct inquisition of every police force in the kingdom”.

26 Feb 2022: Neil Oliver on truth, trust and freedom. The West must share the blame for the state of the world. and 5 Mar 2022: how difficult it is to ask questions.

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