Secular morality and sex

Secular morality is replacing Christian morality in public life, and not for the better.

It is often said that the Christian church is ‘hung up’ on sex.  The reality is that human beings are hung up on sex, whether they are Christian or not.

The historical attitude has run its course

Fifty years ago, it was common to hear the disclaimer: “Christians don’t have a monopoly on morality”, implying that non-Christian morality was just as good if not better than Christian morality. It is not better, but it is different. Briefly, secular morality removes the first four of the Ten Commandments. It does not love God.

I have yet to meet someone who thinks that Christians have a monopoly on morality. It is an aunt Sally, set up to undermine Christian standards.

In this manner, Christian morality was discounted as a standard for those in public life, and we regularly heard statements to the effect that MPs and others should not resign from their jobs on the principle that their private lives did not alter their capacity to do their day job.  There was truth in this, which gave the argument force. The opinion that one could not trust those who ‘cheated on their spouse’ was plainly wrong, so it did not carry weight. There were other practical arguments, such as whether domestic problems interferes with a person’s capacity to perform optimally in their day job, but the point is that ‘the carry on as normal’ opinion prevailed.

The secular morality of political correctness

However, now people are dismissed from their job if they have politically incorrect opinions.  Secular morality is forcing its politically correct agenda to exclude Christians and others from particular jobs.  It is not enough that they are able to do their job.  Notice how unforgiving is secular morality, and how controlling it is.  It controls thoughts and opinions and not simply behaviour, using powerful sanctions to beat people into submission.

Christian exegesis

The world is hung up on sex and it is time that Christian principles were brought to bear upon human relationships.  We do not need a Christian variation of secular principles, too commonly applied in the Christian church, which have damaged the lives of many people, such as in the area of divorce, but we need an exposition and application of biblical principles of sexuality.  There is not much exegetical study of the subject, although there are plenty of opinions expressed by Christians and non-Christians alike.

As human sexuality is so basic to human behaviour, biblical exegesis of the subject is long overdue.  Repeating age-old mantras will not do it.  We need biblical teaching that commends itself ‘to every man’s conscience in the sight of God’ 2Cor 4:2.


8 Jul 2013: evolution and the desire for sex at 33’8″: the cosmic authority problem.

28 Dec 2022: after a year of chaos in the UK Conservative Government, the secular world is changing its mind about ‘carry on as if nothing has happened’ and the ‘catch me if you can’ behaviour of politicians.

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