The end of a Royal Chapter

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died this morning at Windsor Castle, a few months short of his 100th birthday.

As Consort to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, he was the longest-serving Royal Consort in British history.

The Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” expresses its Christian condolences to the Royal Family and to all affected.

It is the end of a long chapter. He has not simply been “part of our lives” but for the whole of my life he has been the Queen’s husband.

He retired from Royal duties only a few years ago, well into his 90s.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award will be one of his lasting contributions to the lives of multitudes of young people.

His religious and environmental interests were noted in various tributes, and it is worth remembering that even the Royal Family need the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, “the King of kings and Lord of lords” 1Tim 6:15, Rev 17:14 and Rev 19:16.


Campaigning has been suspended by the Scottish Tories, and George Galloway of All For Unity and other political parties.

The Presiding Officer is recalling the Scottish Parliament on Monday 12 Apr 2021 to allow Members to pay their respects.

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