A Christian funeral and burial

Yesterday my wife and I attended a funeral in a small community on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. The usual practice there is to conduct family worship and then the minister gives a short address at the local cemetery after the burial. The hearty singing of the praises of God from the Scottish …

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The end of a Royal Chapter

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died this morning at Windsor Castle, a few months short of his 100th birthday. As Consort to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, he was the longest-serving Royal Consort in British history. The Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship" expresses its Christian condolences …

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The 20th-century Icon

Rarely can it be so clearly demonstrated that people, and even whole societies, cannot see what is plainly in front of their eyes.   Not only is this a theological truth, illustrated by the atheism believed by intelligent people, as well as by the effect of distraction practised by parents on crying children, but the …

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My two Inverness landladies

One of my Inverness chapters came to an end this afternoon. I stood by the open grave of Isabel Margaret Grant (1927-2018), the first of my two landladies when I was a student for the Christian ministry during two years 1980-1982 in Inverness. On the gravestone were the names of her parents. Below these was …

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Another pioneer dies – leaving an honourable, global and on-going legacy

On the day of John Glenn's funeral, another pioneer died. John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, restored American prestige in 1962 when it seemed that the Soviet Union was moving ahead in the space race. A lesser known pioneer died today, aged 96 years old. However, his name is known to …

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Two significant deaths

There have been two significant deaths in the past three months - Christopher Hitchens and Steve Jobs. I feel sorry for Christopher Hitchens, an intelligent atheist, who died yesterday.  He had a powerful intellect, like Richard Dawkins, but this does not help if one is spiritually blind.  The smallest child can see the sun which …

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