Why truth and lies matter in Government

Lies will ruin any Government.

Let me illustrate. It is well-known that liars need to have a good memory to recall all the lies they have made. Eventually they are caught out by their lies.

Similarly, when Government proceeds on promises that are not or cannot be fulfilled or are plain lies, eventually the chickens come home to roost. The Government is discredited and when trust breaks down it is almost impossible to restore it. It usually means a change of Government, then the process begins again.

This is why we need Christian politicians and a Christian Party to remind people that lies will come home to roost and that they will ruin any Government.


There are a multitude of applications but a current one is the unsolved problems in Northern Ireland, erupting again in violence. Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol are being blamed for this. Memories are short. It was the EU which made the border with Northern Ireland into an issue during Brexit to try to stop Brexit. Since Brexit, the coronavirus vaccine debacle was used by the EU and led to the EU triggering Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol last Friday, raising tensions by creating a border on the island.

This was dangerous as well as foolish and the EU Commission held fire. In ‘explanation’ the EU spokesman used the excuse that “only the pope is infallibile”, showing his ignorance of infallibility and of the pope in Rome. If only it was as easy as this to excuse oneself.

Escalation in the absence of credible leadership

Without credible leadership, the violence in Northern Ireland has the potential to escalate, and with Scottish and Welsh nationalism on the rise, there is potential for civil strife in Scotland as well. If there is SNP success in the Holyrood election in May 2021, and Boris Johnson continues to reject a second separatist referendum in Scotland, it will take the wisdom of Solomon to stop civil strife among some impatient, aggressive and violent elements in Scotland just as we see in Northern Ireland. This will cause such trouble that eventually the majority in Scotland who want to remain in the United Kingdom will see the need to unite to oppose the separatist manipulation of the levers of the Scottish Parliamentary administration by voting the SNP out of Parliamentary power. The public would see this now if there was adequate public leadership in Scotland but the Scottish media must also play its part in promoting proper debate on the subject instead of waiting till the crisis of another referendum forces debate.

Meanwhile, there is no such unity because of party interests being put ahead of the needs of the country.

The Scottish Christian Party is putting its own interests aside in order to support the aims of the All For Unity Party at this time of existential threat to the continuation of the UK, because Scottish separatists may not stop at the breakup of the United Kingdom.


22 Mar 2021: death threats to political campaigners opposed to the SNP maladministration of Scotland.

4 May 2021: George Galloway and others need police protection to campaign in the Scottish Parliamentary election.

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