Some people are untouchable – Jesus is not

Some people are unapproachable. They keep their distance.

Some people are untouchable – Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom wears gloves for handshakes.

Jesus was not like that – and He is still not like that. He is as close as the air you breathe. You can pray to Him at any time and He will listen.

Jesus is not “out of touch”

Jesus is within touching distance. He is closer than you think.

Many celebrities and important people are not even contactable, far less touchable. It is understandable that I do not have the Queen’s email, but what about those who preach to us daily from the television set? They like to tell us: “I am the one asking the questions”, and well might they do so, but some of them have their three questions and don’t know how to follow up on the answers. Their role is one-way – their way.

Social media

At least on social media you feel you can speak back, although the recipient of your wisdom might not even listen, far less respond. But mainstream media? John Humphrys, Andrew Neil, former and lengthy employees of the BBC? Even if you knew how to get through to them, you are unlikely to receive even an acknowledgement. At the most you might receive a standardised response – but an answer? Even your elected representatives, known as politicians, are unlikely to address your specific concerns unless in doing so it somehow boosts their public image.

This is where social media is coming into its own. Human beings are sociable creatures and apart from those who spend all their time being entertained, most of us like interaction. Jordan Peterson draws attention to the difference in interview style between mainstream media and social media, where ideas can be explored.

Access to the King of kings

Jesus was not like this – people could speak to Him and even touch Him.

Jesus was and still is in touching distance.

“The common people heard Him gladly” Mk 12:37.

Being “out of touch” commonly means “being unable to read the mood of the people”. Queen Elizabeth II was said to be out of touch at the time of Princess Diana’s death. On the other hand the public were out of touch with the grieving of the Royal Family Control freaks control even death and grieving.

People complain about dignatories being “out of touch” with ordinary people, and truly they are out of touch in the sense that it is difficult to get through to them surrounded by their private secretaries. Jesus was not like this – people could speak to Him and even touch Him. Learn from Him.

Jesus is still in touch. We can pray to Him at any time.

P.S. even gloves cannot protect a Queen. Jeanne d’Albret, queen of Navarre was rumoured to have been murdered by Catherine de’Medici, who allegedly sent her a pair of gloves perfumed with poison.


27 Jan 2021: the benefits of social media.

12 May 2021: viewers may imagine that they ‘know’ online and television personalities because of the public persona that they display, only to discover in person that they are very distant people indeed. Appearances are deceptive.

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