RNA vaccines

Covid-19 vaccines are using new technology that has a wide application and is now being applied to vaccines. This has led to concern among many people because of the fear of the unknown.

Some considerations

RNA vaccines alter the immune system, in some cases for better, in others for worse. All vaccines aim at altering the immune system – the question is to what extent?

Additional concern is whether they are allowing suppressed cancer to come out of remission. The jury is still out. Immuno-suppression with chemotherapy has a decades-long history so that it is not new.

Genetic modification

Genetic modification has powerful new tools. Like all new discoveries, it can be used for good or for ill.

Genetically modified (GM) crops have been grown and eaten in the USA for many decades. Horticulturalists and animal breeders have used genetic modification for centuries.

Government investment

In order to persuade drug companies to produce new vaccines at pace for Covid-19, Governments agreed 1. to purchase the vaccines to make it economically viable to develop and produce them, and 2. to indemnify the producers against hitherto unknown, adverse reactions.

The result has been financially beneficial for the producers, and why not? as well as beneficial for the human race. The future spin-offs from this new technology will be great. Another result appears to be Government suppression of other treatments in the fear that vaccines will not be taken up. This is short-sighted and has promoted distrust both of Governments and the medical profession, which can only be damaging.

The moral panic and over-the-top control-freakery by Governments does not contribute to healthy debate on the subject. This is one price paid for the loss of Christianity from public life and the inability to understand nor believe that God is in control at all times, even in pandemics.

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