What does the Christian Party stand for?

Often at political hustings I have been asked: “What does the Christian Party stand for?”

I summarise it in three ways.

  1. We stand for the main points that other parties stand for, without their unchristian polices.
  2. Then I summarise the other Parties quickly.
  3. Finally, I say: “So if you mix the blue, red, yellow and green of these other parties you get the comprehensive royal purple of the Christian Party”.

This usually raises an appreciative laugh.

Labour credentials

We support workers like the Labour Party, which began with Christian principles.

The first Parliamentary leader of the Labour Party was Kier Hardie, who was such a good evangelical preacher  of the Gospel that he became a public speaker on social issues for the working man. However, the Labour Party now has many unchristian policies. We also address the employer-employee divide rather than focussing on one side of the divide.

Conservative credentials

We promote economic responsibility, historically associated with the Conservative Party,which in the past looked to Christianity for its values, but no longer.

Liberal and Democratic credentials

We promote liberty of conscience and free speech, which the Lib Dem Party claims to uphold, but who are no longer liberal nor democratic, and who have been foremost with unchristian policies.

Scottish and Unionist credentials

We oppose the unchristian separatism and grievance politics of the SNP. We appreciate the mutual benefit the nations of the United Kingdom have had over the past 300 years, but we propose and support parliamentary revision to improve decision-making at the correct level throughout the country, known as subsidiarity. Grievance politics is dangerous and can get out of control. Who will control the violence if they are legitimate grievances? We teach people to count their blessings Ps 40:5. “Unthankful, unholy” are joined in the Bible 2Tim 3:2. Besides, we have a better vision for Scotland than the SNP.

Environmental credentials

We care for the environment more than the Green Party with its unchristian pink agenda, tree-hugging religion and scare-mongering tactics.

There are many misunderstandings about the Christian Party. Some opponents mislabel us as promoting theocracy. This is wrong. We support the Christian establishment that gave us the long-standing parliamentary democracy in the United Kingdom that has served us so well.   There is room for improvement of these parliamentary procedures so that each nation and region of the United Kingdom is empowered to its greatest potential.

If some wiseacre asks: What is the Christian Party view on bananas? or some other humourous point, I point out that there is no definitive Christian view on bananas as such, but Christian Party politicians have the ability to address issues the same as other politicians, but we do it from a Christian standpoint and not from a secular nor partisan one.

Christianity is a global worldview that seeks the wellbeing of everyone within its reach, and not simply a specific few.

We need to restore Christian care and values to our land. Our Manifesto is here and you can order one here.


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23 Dec 2022: the SNP, Scottish Labour and Scottish Lib Dems denied liberty of conscience to their MSPs for voting in the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill.

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