A global display of Christ’s Lordship

The coronation service of King Charles III in London’s Westminster Abbey today was an impressive display of royal ceremony and pageantry, but better still was the clear assertion before a global audience of Christ’s Lordship and His unique role as Saviour.

It was an extravaganza that no other country on Earth with such history could perform. After 70 years of Royal service to his country, one should not grudge Charles ‘his day’, whatever one may think about his character and behaviour. It was a spectacle of which the country can be proud and which was shared at no cost to a global audience. Although many people were more interested in the spectacle than the substance of the event, yet so many were the references to the Lord Jesus Christ that it would difficult to keep missing them.

The Order of Service of the Coronation Service has many plain assertions of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ’s role as Saviour, the atonement, His death and resurrection, the forgiveness of sins, and many other Christian doctrines.

In the Coronation Oath, King Charles asserted plainly that “I am a faithful Protestant”, an assertion that is rarely heard in public life.

The Gospel as such was not preached, even in the short sermon by Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury. Although there were deficiencies with this celebration, we should be thankful for what was asserted to a global audience about the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pray not only “God save the King” but also that multitudes of the global audience may be induced to learn more about Jesus Christ and His Gospel, a Gospel which proves so beneficial to the nations where it is received, and that they also may be saved.

May God give us more preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The coronation of King Charles III was in the name of “the King of kings” Rev 19:16 and may the prayers for the Holy Spirit be granted to our King.

“God save the King.”

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