The Scientific Reformation

GB News is attempting to be the mainstream alternative media in Britain, telling us the news that the BBC and other mainstream media outlets will not tell us.

Neil Oliver is doing a good job with his weekly monologue at 6 p.m. each Saturday evening. He has covered many topics that need to be aired.

He has admitted that he is playing catch-up, after relying for too long on mainstream media. He is doing his best to help others to catch up likewise.

On tonight’s programme, he discussed the issue of truth and lies, whom do we believe, and what do we believe and why?

This is, of course, central to Christianity and Christian teaching.

Pontius Pilate famously asked Jesus: “What is truth?” Jn 18:38. He did not wait for the answer.

Jesus asserts that He is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” Jn 14:6 – the Way to the Father’s house in heaven.

The Reformation

Just as Christianity went through the 16th-century European Reformation, and islam is trying to go through its own version of Reformation, it now appears that truth has caught up with secularism and with science itself, and it is forcing a Reformation of sorts.

The Scientific Reformation

Neil Oliver’s topic this evening was about Climate Change and science in general, and how can we determine who and what to believe?

The public is becoming aware of various vested interests in the scientific, medical, military, educational, political and business environments, which is skewing the truth. Selective truth can mislead people, explained here in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Very slowly, pressure is building for Reformation, just as it did in the 16th century, with the same question – what is truth?

The media Reformation

GB News is itself evidence of similar pressure for Reformation among the media. Most people can see the change in media in recent decades, with the rise of social media and alternative media. The media is the modern pulpit, from which much false doctrine is preached. Just like the burning of heretics in former times, cancel culture is the modern equivalent of silencing alternative opinions. On the principle that one does not know whom to believe, alternative media like GB News seeks to put across ‘alternative truth’. However, the public is still in the dark how people can determine the truth, and it will take teaching from Jesus Christ, the Truth, for society to recover its equilibrium.

The Secular Reformation

The woke society in the western world has lost its way thanks to secularism, which has had its way for many decades. The cancelling of Christianity from public life has led to secularism being hoist on its own petard. It has cancelled Christianity only to discover that it has let loose a host of demons. In trying to replace the Ten Commandments and Christian morality with secular morality, children are being confused in school and political leaders, such as the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and former First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, do not know how to define a woman.

The difficulty for many is finding the answer before one is cancelled.

The good news is that help is at hand Hos 13:9. For those who want to know more, come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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