Don’t preach to me

Very many people object to being preached at. Indeed! Good training should teach preachers not to preach at people, nor beyond people, nor above people's heads, nor beating around the bush, but to people in a manner designed to engage their attention. However, many people do not want even this. So they cannot complain if …

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Searching for Jesus Christ

Some people find Jesus Christ easily and others have a more circuitous route involving a lot of difficulty. Professor Jordan Peterson seems to fall into the latter category. In truth, Jesus Christ finds us, as the Good Shepherd looking for His lost sheep, but our experience is that we find Christ. We do so because …

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Black swans and the resurrection of Jesus Christ

A black swan is a term used in financial markets. It refers to an unexpected and dramatic event. The coronavirus pandemic is a black swan. No-one expected it, at least at this time, and it has resulted in the third fastest fall in world markets since 1975 when the FTSE began as a measure of …

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Will I meet you in heaven?

I promised a follow-up on my "Will I meet you in heaven?" parting greeting. It is a very useful one-liner. The purpose of one-liners is to capture interest and to convey information in short compass. It provokes thought on an important topic. There should be many one-liners in the repertoire of Christians who wish to …

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What should we expect from preachers?

Most people watch television, so public speakers including preachers should thereby learn some presentational skills. This being so, preachers who cannot read the Scripture clearly and intelligibly are without excuse.  It is sometimes evident from the wrong emphasis they use in their reading of Scripture that they do not understand what they are reading. What …

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Wisdom’s role in the Scheme of Redemption

‘By His knowledge shall My righteous Servant justify many, for He shall bear their iniquities.’ Isa 53:11 This text shows that whereas God the Father initiates redemption, yet the scheme or manner of redemption is the prerogative of God the Son. In a past eternity, God the Father gave an innumerable number of sinners to …

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