Christians and political party loyalty

Brexit has tested Westminster party loyalties to breaking point and it is testing the raison d’être of these parties. 

There is a realignment along Brexit lines and this General Election is clearly about Brexit – unless one is a Tory. Boris Johnson and the Tories are clearly fighting for their party rather than the country, fending off an existential threat from the Brexit Party. The matter is so serious that senior and long-standing members of the Tory party have been expelled from the party. Thus one aim of this election is to squeeze the Brexit Party.

The readiness of Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party to unilaterally stand down 317 candidates in support of Brexit without any reciprocity from Boris Johnson demonstrates Farage’s willingness to put country ahead of party, not shared by Johnson. Farage claims that this has been rewarded with possible Tory skulduggery interfering with Brexit Party prospective parliamentary candidates.

The readiness of people to change their political party shows that many have put country before party.

Country and kingdom

When will Christians put Christianity before party? Jesus Christ clearly articulates the priority of the kingdom of heaven.

‘Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you’ Mat 6:33.

Jesus Christ

Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former press secretary, has abandoned his lifelong affiliation to the Labour Party.  He justified it by explaining that he believed in “speaking truth to power”, and this now meant that he must criticise the Labour leadership.

When will Christian politicians speak truth to power?

Parties changing and changing Party

Alastair Campbell claims that Labour has been “taken over” and it is no longer the party it used to be.

Several of the mainline UK political parties had a Christian origin, but they are no longer Christian. They all have unchristian policies.

As these parties have changed, it is time for Christians to change their allegiance and to stop supporting them.

If politicians are changing party because of Brexit, it is time for Christians to change their party because of unchristian and even anti-christian policies. Many Jews have stopped supporting the Labour Party because of antisemitism; when will Christians stop supporting political parties with anti-christian policies?

It is time for Christians to realign along Christian lines opposing the promotion of secular religion with its ungodly effects upon the life the nation.


26 Nov 2019: long-standing ex-Tory Michael Heseltine advises voters to vote Lib Dem because of his support for the EU.

11 Dec 2019: long-standing Labour MPs call upon Labour voters not to vote Labour, and even to vote for the Tories. The beginning of this video is quite humerous.

19 Dec 2019: the new political alliance Independent Group for Change has been disbanded after failing to win any seats in Parliament. Welcome to political reality.