Searching for Jesus Christ

Some people find Jesus Christ easily and others have a more circuitous route involving a lot of difficulty. Professor Jordan Peterson seems to fall into the latter category. In truth, Jesus Christ finds us, as the Good Shepherd looking for His lost sheep, but our experience is that we find Christ. We do so because …

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Advocacy begins with parenting

Everyone needs an advocate. An advocate is someone who supports you by speaking on your behalf. Parenting There are many advantages to having parents to look after you. Many children have lost one or both parents and they are often disadvantaged thereby. This shows the value of someone to look after one's interests. Advocacy and …

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Sermon preparation

Some bullet points on sermon preparation. 1. Have an interesting introduction. In Lectures to My Students, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 'the prince of 19th-century preachers', says that every notice should have the word “Attention!” at the top; and so every sermon should call attention to the topic of the sermon. It should be composed last, when …

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