The being and character of God

"I am that I am."The God of the Bible: Exodus 3:14 Secularism Secularists do not believe in God. Neither do Christians believe in the multitudes of false gods that are worshipped around the world. Such gods are an embarrassment to the pious as well as to the rational mind, but their existence is enough to …

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Discerning the Lord’s body

1Cor 11:29 v29: "not discerning the Lord's body": the usual Protestant interpretation applies this to failing to discern the Lord’s body in the bread and wine of the Lord's Supper, which is a spiritual activity. It is contrasted with the Roman Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation so that  the Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 96 What is …

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Contained in the Scriptures

Following the 18th-century sceptical attacks on the Bible by Scottish Enlightenment figures claiming that it was not the Word of God, and the 19th-century higher critical attacks upon biblical inspiration by unbelieving scholars, during the past one hundred years the opinion has grown up that the Word of God is found in the Scriptures of …

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