Dealing with cold callers

Many of you have probably had cold callers wasting your time.

Rather than putting the phone down on them, you might want to waste their time. My most recent call (the second one today) went like this.

First, he asked about ‘my recent minor car accident’. So I asked him what made him think that I had a minor car accident.

Encouraged, he told me that he got my number from the Road Safety Authority and went on to ask me if I had a minor car accident. The inconsistency of his question was completely lost on him, so I wasted a few more of his minutes by pointing out that he just told me that I had ‘a minor car accident’.

After a while he hit on the line that he needed ‘to validate it’ to help me out with compensation. As he floundered I was writing down what he was saying so that I could compose this blog. Usually I simply carry on with my own work while they talk away into thin air.

Eventually he asked if he was speaking to the right person so I said: “Probably not.” So he asked if I would “find out who at this number had a minor car accident”. I said: “No, as I don’t see why I should do your work for you.” So then he wondered if this was a home number or a work number and when I would not tell him he began to realise he was getting nowhere and rang off abruptly, as they usually do – such is their love of helping people.

Another way of handling such calls is simply to put the phone down beside you and carry on working. Let them speak into thin air and eventually they will realise that they are talking to no-one and will ring off. Don’t put the phone down at that stage, for then they can simply phone someone else. Keep the phone off the hook as this keeps the line busy and prevents them making another phone call. In a short while the phone will begin to buzz, reminding you to hang up your phone again.

Have fun instead of getting annoyed. You might even find the opportunity to put across the Gospel to them – for free. It is all part of the Christian service.

5 thoughts on “Dealing with cold callers

  1. Been there done that got the T-shirt “so to speak”. What you suggest DOES NOT WORK, as they just ring back pretending to be someone else from an another bogus company. If you hang up just as they begin to speak they usually get the hint and WONT bother ringing again in the future.


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  3. Sir. One problem we here in Back Isle of Lewis have had loads of times, is the telephone rings and when you pick it up the person on the other end promptly puts the phone down! What do we do in those situations?


    1. Donald

      This is certainly a nuisance, Ann. You can google ‘nuisance calls’ which gives various options to follow through. Personally, I don’t bother with these. I have tried to work out why they are doing it. Are they checking if someone is at home? More likely, they are looking for someone who sounds elderly and therefore vulnerable to their ‘sales pitch’ whatever it is.


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