Aggressive secularism

Britain is reaching a tipping point.

The language battle has been one of several tools in the armoury of aggressive secularism. There are others.

After softening up British society for many decades, we have now reached the critical tipping point of legislative enactment.

Although Brexit is important, it risks taking people’s eye off the ball. The huge time and effort required to incorporate and then re-assess European legislation is small compared to the effect on British society of the legislative changes being promoted by aggressive secularism.

Humanists UK and the National Secular Society (NSS) aim to remove religion from public life.  These organisations support an international secular movement to neutralise Christianity in public life.  It has been proceeding apace for many decades.  However, events have not worked out according to the secularist plan because into the vacuum has stepped not secularism but aggressive islam.

What vacuum? Not the vacuum of ideas but the vacuum caused by the declining birthrate. Former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks has said: ‘Europe is being populated entirely by migration. There is not a single one of the 27 countries in Europe that has a replacement birthrate [see update below].  Europe is aging and dying slowly. All sorts of new religions are entering Europe. There are now nine major faith communities in Britain. There are more muslims in mosques on Friday than there are Christians in churches on Sunday. So Britain is still religious, but it is losing that one religion, Christianity, that actually made it what it was in the past.’

Britain has become dependent upon immigrant labour because a whole generation of more than nine million British workers has been lost to abortion since 1967. In addition, muslims have fled from war-torn Syria into Europe and thousands are migrating from north Africa, following Gadaffi’s earlier advice to muslims to overcome Europe by migration and reproduction.

As the Christian buffer state declines, aggressive islam is fighting with aggressive secularism. Militant islam claims it is fighting ‘a decadent west’, which refers to the values of western secularism. In order to repulse militant islam, British society is being forced into uniting behind ‘secular values’.

This is the legacy of aggressive secularism.

The listing under a Google search says that “The National Secular Society is Britain’s only organisation working exclusively towards a secular society”.

Not to be outdown by the exclusive claim of the NSS, the “The British Humanist Association is … the largest organisation in the UK campaigning for an end to religious privilege … , and for a secular state”.  The BHA’s mission statement used to include to “promote a secular state”, but this exact phrase is no longer found on the rebranded replacement Humanists UK website, nor in its stated aims. Possibly this is because the Christian Party website drew attention to the revolutionary control implicit in such a claim. However it still clearly campaigns for a secular state; possibly it is not politically correct to say that it wants Britain to be a secular state.

The reason behind the rebranding is not clear, but it is possibly in line with the ‘softly, softly, catchee monkey’ policy, or adopting the ‘good cop and bad cop’ strategy.

Meanwhile, as these aggressive philosophies fight it out with each other, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the eldest son of one of the founders of Hamas, who converted from Islam to Christianity, is teaching the necessity of the love in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the method to counteract the ideological hatred and military tensions in the Middle East.

As Jesus Christ put it: “I know you, that you do not have the love of God in you’ Jn 5:42


30 Oct 2017: surprise, surprise!  The declining birthrate YouTube video is no longer available at  Was its message too much for some to bear?  It concluded that the traditional family is the best environment for children and to maintain a nation’s population.

In addition Melanie Phillips has tweeted that YouTube has closed down Palestinian Media Watch.  Censorship grows apace.  One is mistaken if one thinks that secular toleration is the same as Christian toleration.  Rather, there is an iron fist inside the velvet glove.

6 Sep 2017: pro-life anti-abortion views have ‘no place in public life’ says Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore.  So what would she do if she had the power to do it?  Yet she has the nerve to call the view she opposes ‘bigotry’.

9 Jul 2018: the toleration debate has moved beyond acceptance and endorsement to enforcement.  The imposing of belief proceeds apace.

9 Feb 2019: We need a Christian Voice in politics and public life.

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