How far have the Tories fallen?

There has been congratulations all round for the pregnancy of the leader of the Tory party in Scotland.

While I rejoice at every new God-given life, it is time to call out the Christian perspective on this event when Christians in public life are too hide-bound to political correctness and their careers to do so. Should that be the other way round? Their careers before political correctness? Possibly they are so intertwined that they and the public will not notice it nor draw attention to it when it concerns Christianity, but it is seized with alactrity if it is some other issue, such as Jeremy Corbyn calling for Amber Rudd’s resignation as Home Secretary for the fiasco about the Windrush immigrant scandal.

Not only is there mismanagement of immigration policy in the UK but the Tories are promoting secular morality in the UK.

David Cameron’s Tory government redefined marriage to include homosexual couples, and I predicted in the consultation period that it would lead to IVF being provided for such couples to have a family.  The European Convention on Human Rights includes the right to a family and the unmarried lesbian leader of the Scottish Tories, tipped as a future leader of the Conservative Party, is now three months pregnant with a child ‘born out of wedlock’ by IVF. She plans to marry her female partner after the birth in the autumn. There have been comments about her being the first female party leader in the UK to become a mother, second to the New Zealand Prime Minister, but there has been no comment on the secular morality being promoted. Secular morality is not Christian morality, which is surely becoming only too clear.

The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made a tongue-in-cheek SNP joke on her twitter account that ‘the baby box is on its way’. Like the box, the baby is ‘on its way’ and thankfully it is ‘a baby’ and not simply a fetus. Such jokes obscure the solemn reality that secular morality is taking over the UK in all the major political parties.

In response to BBC reporter Brian Taylor’s question if this will act “as a role model perhaps for same-sex couples?” Miss Davidson replied: ‘This happens and it is normal.’  So we have a new definition of normal as well.  Redefining the English language is part of the secular campaign to redefine Christian British values.  A Normal Distribution Curve puts 5% of any given population outside two standard deviations from the mean.  Homosexual couples receiving IVF are surely outside two standard deviations – possibly it is time for the Thought Police to change the politically incorrect term ‘deviations’.

Secularism still has some way to go.  It has proven to be no bulwark against islam because one needs Christian ideology to counter islam.  On the other hand secularism needs no arguments because it simply uses the education system to indoctrine the nation’s youth and the sanctions and power of the state to impose its will upon adults.  Thus Christians are fined and even held in detention for exercising their Christian rights, and some of them have their children taken away from them by this godless secular society that is taking over Britain.

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