North Korea coming in out of the cold

Kim Jong-un likes his video games and the internet.  He also likes nuclear weapons.  He has decided that he wants to enjoy more of western technology and the joys of life.  So he made a significant policy change and today he met with the Prime Minister of South Korea in a historic, choreographed meeting.

For the first time in 60 years, a North Korean leader stepped over the border to South Korea and wowed the world with the images and choreography of the meeting, sitting at a table exactly 2018mm wide.

This is one of the beneficial effects of Donald Trump’s tough talk.  When Kim Jong-un threatened the US with his recently developed nuclear missiles, Donald Trump replied that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!

The end result is a pledge to remove nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula.  Barak Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for mere talk; Trump’s tough talk has actually accomplished something and puts him in line for this prize.

Kim Jong-un loves life.  Most people do.  However, Kim wants more out of his life and he knows how Russian President Vladmir Putin was fêted by the west when he adopted a policy of temporary rapprochement to the west.  This boosted Putin’s reputation at home, and Kim’s policy does not only open an international playground to him but it will boost his popularity at home.  Putin then changed his policy and stood up to the west, increasing his popularity even more at home.  Kim Jong-un may yet do the same.

Many in the west do not understand Donald Trump.  He is a bruiser and understands that bullies are cowards, afraid of being beaten.  Kim Jong-un fits this bill.  Vladimir Putin understands this also and this is why they form a mutual admiration society.

Nor do many western commentators understand that Donald Trump’s unpredictably is part of his policy, so that people cannot predict his next move.  This gives him the business man’s competitive advantage.


12 Jun 2018: Donald Trump holds his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un, which may lead to the Nobel Peace Prize for Trump.

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