The UK death culture

Student suicides are rising.  The BBC reports that students have been let down by the failure of universities and of mental health provision.

Rather, a generation is being let down by the secular religion that excludes Christianity from public life.  The anxiety, depression and despair among those who are sufficiently gifted to reach university needs Christian input to address it.

Although it is item one on the BBC news, the story does not feature on the main page of its website.  Instead, a search for ‘student deaths’ of the BBC website yields Bristol University student deaths investigated from Nov 2016.  Instead, the website had a link to another suicide.

Suicide among other groups who have already ‘made it in life’ suggests a worldview and outlook that is failing these people.

Meanwhile the taxpayer must finance the endless reports into the cause for such growing anxiety and depression.  It is time to let the Christian Gospel address the unrealistic secular expectations which lead to such anxiety and depression.

Jesus Christ said: ‘The thief comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly’ John 10:10.

The current death culture of abortion, child abuse, elderly abuse, suicide and voluntary euthanasia has no end in secular sight.  There is, however, hope on the horizon and, indeed, closer than the horizon.  It is already here, but suppressed by the secular agenda. Some people think that Christianity is unreal in speaking about death.  Rather Christian teaching faces up to the reality of the destructive thinking in mankind Hosea 13:9, but for millennia it has taught the help God has revealed in the Christian Gospel.


21 Mar 2019: this secular culture is at  work in the medical profession.

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