Adequate modes of Christian baptism

There are a variety of opinions on how Christian baptism should be performed or administered. Who should do it, where should it be done, by whom and in what circumstances?  In recent times, Roman Catholicism experienced an internal controversy particularly in America in which people changed the words used in baptism so that the Roman …

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Christian usefulness

The usefulness of Christians is paramount. It is not enough to listen to sermons and to worship God, but God expects us to be useful. "Faith without works is dead." James 2:20,26 I suggest that prayer without works is dead also Ex 14:15, Act 9:6-11. Jesus' Sermon on the Mount – Matthew, Chapter 5 Immediately …

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John Bunyan and biblical metaphors

I attended a useful lecture last night on The Forgotten John Bunyan, whose Pilgrim's Progress is a Christian classic. The adjective 'Forgotten' in the title referred not so much to Bunyan himself but in part to Bunyan's language, imagination and use of metaphors, which were controversial in 17th-century British Christianity. Pilgrim's Progress is sometimes described …

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Secular morality and sex

Secular morality is replacing Christian morality in public life, and not for the better. It is often said that the Christian church is 'hung up' on sex.  The reality is that human beings are hung up on sex, whether they are Christian or not. The historical attitude has run its course Fifty years ago, it …

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Hebrew or Aramaic?

Bible commentators and academics are in the habit of describing the native language spoken by Jesus and His contemporaries as Aramaic or Syro-Chaldaic.  Those who wish to show their academic credentials will do the same.  This is servile copying of academia. The New Testament repeatedly calls it Hebrew Lk 23:38, Jn 5:2, Jn 19:13,17,20, Act …

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Academic exegesis

Academic exegesis is that form of interpretation which copies academics or authority figures rather than doing proper exegesis. The Lord Jesus Christ cut through this in His teaching, so that people were astonished at His teaching. Academic exegesis is seen in the translation of various biblical passages.  Current Bible versions are the product of teams …

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