Asking for God’s gift

Multitudes who know about Jesus Christ do not know the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus tells us that if they did know the Gospel, then they would have eternal life.  He says so in His conversation with the woman of Samaria.

Jesus told the woman of Samaria that if she knew the gift of God and Who was speaking to her, she would have asked Jesus and He would have given her living water.

John’s Gospel 4:10

Here Jesus tells us the important information that people don’t ask Him for eternal life because they do not know about it.

What is asking?

Asking God is praying to God. Asking Jesus is praying to Jesus, Who as the Son of God hears all our prayers.

Some people say that they do not know how to pray – do you know how to speak? Prayer involves humbling ourselves enough to ask God to help us. This is why many people, including atheists, do not pray, although many atheists will pray when under enemy fire “in a foxhole” – when their atheism suddenly deserts them and they cry to God to help them.

God’s gift and the Giver

In particular, they do not know 1. the gift of God and 2. Who Jesus is, Who is speaking to them in a variety of ways.

If they did know what this means, they would ask and, what is more, Jesus would have given them living water.

So if a person does not have the living water of life it is because they do not know it is available through Jesus Christ.  It does not matter how much knowledge they have about religion, God and Jesus, if they do not have spiritual life it is because they do not know about the availability of eternal life in Jesus Christ, nor His character and that He is addressing them in the Gospel to come to Him that they might have life.

It is time to teach people the Gospel.  Multitudes of people have heard sermons but they have never heard the Gospel.  People may hear but not listen.  They need to hear the Gospel.

I preached this message in Glasgow in the 1980s, in Inverness in the 1990s, in Chesley, Ontario, Canada in 1995, as well as on other occasions.

Recently I asked a non-church-attending retired dentist how many funerals he had attended.  There were so many that he could not say. I then challenged him that he had probably never heard the Gospel at any of them.  I went on Jesus’ premise in this verse – if he had heard it and understood it, he would have asked and received eternal life by now. He was surprised and asked me to explain it to him.  Over the next five minutes I explained the essence of the Gospel.  He admitted that he had never heard this in all the occasions he had attended funerals and listened to ministers of religion.  His response was that I should tell it to others in the meeting we were attending.  I said that I was happy to do so at the earliest invitation.  The invite is still awaited.

Meanwhile, I declare it on my blogpost to all who will listen.

The majority of mankind will be saved – will you be among them?

What is the Gospel? Do you think you know it?

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