Invoices, emails and warranties

I have a three-year warranty for my laptop computer with Hewlett-Packard.

The start date of the warranty is wrong. When I emailed HP customer care to correct it, forwarding the original email response confirming my purchase, they wanted ‘a scan of the hardware invoice’, which I sent.

This begs two questions:

1. what use is the ‘confirmation’ email about a purchase? Surely HP have the same email, which is all they need to confirm the purchase.

2. what if I did not take a copy of the hardware invoice, what then?

As usual, the customer has to do all the running with each vendor, whose job it is to keep records of their sales.


2 Aug 2018: I came across Are invoices necessary to claim warranty for HP laptops?


2 thoughts on “Invoices, emails and warranties

  1. On a nigh-daily basis, I get phone calls wanting me to allow supposedly computer technicians to check that my computer is working properly. 99.9/100 times when I attempt to check its a genuine call or not, I discover the number called is “NOT VALID”


    1. Donald

      Yes, David,

      Many of these cold calls are scams. On no account should you allow a cold caller to have access to your computer, nor should you accept any of their ‘free’ software.


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