Ineffective deradicalisation programmes

The two London Bridge murders by a radicalised terrorist highlight the ineffectiveness of some prison deradicalisation programmes.

Those jailed for islamic terrorism offences are reaching the end of their prison sentences, and their release from prison will test the rehabilitation programmes during their imprisonment. The current stabbings demonstrate that the value of human life was not learned by this fanatic during his incarceration.

The secular programmes on offer have little to offer religious fanatics who support their murderous opinions with false religion. Such fanatics can see the hypocrisy and double standards of UK secularism, which murders babies in the womb, and true religion should be used to correct the views of false religion.

What does the secular world have to offer prisoners in order to make them change their mind? It is, of course, possible to swop one false religion for another, less radical false religion. This is what secularists hope to do. However, they do not have much to offer those who are prepared to kill and be killed while believing the false doctrine that paradise awaits their self-sacrificing, suicidal and murderous behaviour.

The Lord Jesus Christ: “The time comes that whoever kills you will think that he is offering service to God, and these things will they do to you because they have not known the Father, nor Me.’

Jesus Christ: John 16:2


2 Dec 2019 BBC Newsnight: Tobias Ellwood, a former Conservative Defence Minister, effectively agreed with my comments about the failure or inability to deal with those self-immolating islamic terrorists who are willing to kill in the belief that they are going to paradise. He said that prisoner release is “a developing field” and we have “a judicial system that was never created to deal with people that want to take their life … that are willing to kill, believing that they going to get a fast track to paradise. We are having to learn very fast, not just in this country, but in other countries around the world. Yes. We must all put our hands up and say (that) mistakes were made here.” Although he said we must learn from this, I doubt that the Government will learn the obvious lesson that such radical terrorists need to be taught better religion rather than secular values. BBC presenter Emily Maitliss asked how to deal with their ideology and philosophy, and Lord Falconer thought the answer was engaging other imams. The problem here is the failure to recognise that these radical islamic terrorists view these ‘other imams’ as compromisers of true islam. Ellwood and Falconer spoke about the operational difficulty in judging how to assess the risk when releasing prisoners. This brings in the Christian principles of self-examination, a skill lost long ago in mainstream UK Christianity.

3 Dec 2019: on today’s BBC Politics Live, Tobias Ellwood repeated the same sentiments about the failing rehabilitation programmes and the difficult judgments “in dealing with somebody that wishes to take his own life thinking he will be rewarded to go to paradise if he kills somebody.” This is the type of public comment that needs more publicity and discussion. We need to deal with false religion.

4 Dec 2019: we are now told that the de-radicalisation programme was untested! Who will test the testers?

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