Thought Police and a Police State

Slowly, the penny is dropping.

In earlier blogposts I have mentioned the dangers of Thought Police and of a Police State in Britain. Uninformed people may think this is over-the-top. Not Nigel Farage, who worries that the UK is moving in this direction. It is time to gather a few links together in one blogpost. First, listen to Nigel.

Nigel Farage on the direction of travel and the danger of the UK becoming a Police State

Neighbourhood Watch has become neighbourhood spying

Such spying indicated in the above video is only possible because of surveillance legislation. The ‘tip off’ mentioned by Nigel is only too common because of the unequal Equality Act 2010.

Child Spies in the UK

The Stasi (the Secret Police) of East Germany encouraged children to report on their parents. Now, the Covert Intelligence Bill currently in the House of Lords seeks to enable 16-17 y/o to inform local councils, MI5 and MI6 about their parents. It is only too real, and the SNP Government has its own equivalent. The reality of child accusation is here.


Others are comparing Scotland to pre-Nazi Germany and reminding us of similarities in Nationalism and of SNP history in this regard. More and more people are prepared to sound the warning about Police State Scotland.

The authoritarian attitude of the SNP administration.


This is the price paid for the loss of Christianity among our politicians and those in public life.


The UK got out of the EU just in time.

We need to change our laws, which means we must change our politicians.

We need to change how we create money in this country as people are being impoverished by the current system.

The solution?

We need Christians in politics and in the board rooms of the country.

We have enough Christians but we do not have enough Christians speaking out in public life.


26 Oct 2017: thoughtcrime is replacing sin.

4 Dec 2017: no platforming: the Thought Police on university campuses.

7 Aug 2018: freedom of speech: a Christian protest against UK politics.

25 Aug 2018: natural justice and naming the sin.

9 Oct 2018: Barnabas, an international Christian society for protecting discrimination against Christians abroad, turned its attention for the first time in the UK to Police Scotland. Police Scotland investigated themselves and then exonerated themselves! The SNP Scottish administration said in Feb 2019 that it would no longer use posters with messages that implied that Christian belief amounted to “hate”, promoted by One Scotland with its concentration on Hate Crime.

20 Mar 2019: hate crime is selective secular morality.

19 Nov 2019: the Police “checking people’s thinking“.

5 Feb 2020: the Thought Police and non-crime hate incidents.

14 Dec 2020: establishing a Police State in Scotland and making thought into a crime. Selective or partial policing.

22 Dec 2020: the law changes so quickly that there can be no law-abiding citizens any more. The Police State will catch up on you one way or another.

14 Jan 2021: Robin McAlpine: “seeking to jail someone for political expediency is something I did not believe I would see in Scotland in my lifetime”. “I also have some concerns about what I know of the actions of the police.” “I have made no secret of my growing concern about the state of democracy in Scotland nor the way public officials perform their duties.” “There must be reform of governance in Scotland.” The Lord Advocate has admitted malicious prosecution.

16 Jan 2021: Craig Murray asserts that both “the Crown Office and Police Scotland effectively now operate as “the private enforcement arm” of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her husband. 22 Mar 2021: Murray judged guilty of contempt of court.

19 Jan 2021: Professor Tom Gallagher compares the SNP husband and wife team in charge of the Scottish Government to Romania’s Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu.

21 Jan 2021: Advocate Solicitor Gordon Dangerfield’s summary assessment of the abuse of power and procedure against former First Minister Alex Salmond.

1 Feb 2021: over-the-top policing in Inverness ‘doing their job’.

9 Feb 2021: Scotland’s top law officer apologizes for “malicious” prosecution of former Rangers’ administrators. All is not well with Scotland’s administration.

9 Feb 2021: Jim Sillars is “ashamed of those who govern us”. He writes: “I am despondent and disillusioned that a lot of SNP members think those values so minimal as to be unimportant and can be postponed to a later date.” What values? “A Scotland where justice and fairness is upheld and where their [sic] is no tolerance of bullying or state intimidation.” The Scottish administration is in a bad way.

23 Feb 2021: in considering the Alex Salmond Inquiry fiasco even Scottish separatists say the SNP administration is running “a totalitarian state”.

4 Apr 2021: Scotland is not alone in heavy-handed policing. “Decide before you have to decide.”

22 Oct 2021: Peter Hitchens on the slide towards a Police State and Melanie Philips on the slow slide – towards the tipping point.

11 Feb 2022: serious publications are now calling out Thought Police on the international scene. The British Medical Journal takes issue with Facebook and this link shows that even the world-renowned Cochrane Library is being censored for “false content about COVID-19 or vaccines”. This is getting beyond a joke, but Dr John Campbell still manages to raise a laugh as he comments on Facebook fact-checking the BMJ!

12 May 2022: a former Lord Chancellor accuses the UK Government of being an “elective dictatorship”. Although he uses over-the-top language and speaks nonsense when he says that the Government is “unconstrained by the law, because they control lawmaking” [because?}, yet he expresses his sentiments about the current political government of the UK.

2 thoughts on “Thought Police and a Police State

  1. It isn’t looking good!

    What have Protestants been doing about the 1967 Abortion Act – I don’t remember many in the or life movement or in politics.

    It looks like a case of too little too late, and barring Divine Intervention another Singapore – fall of the Roman empire …


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