A summary of Christian action

A Christian friend has raise the important point where Christians can find answers to pressing questions in public life. In testimony to him and his acknowledgment of this concern I have decided to gather together some former blogposts for reference.

There are lobby groups in England and Australia but Scotland needs a reformer and Christian politicians who are free to speak as Christians should speak.

My blogposts deal with “the application of Christianity to public life” (the heading on my blog). They deal with specific subjects in a brief manner, with links and updates. Although I have a personal index to my blog, I do not know how to make this easily available to others. Possibly someone can let me know. However, my blog has a search box that searches all my blogposts, but not the comments, which can only be searched using a search engine such as Google.

For the present, here is a quite summary. You can click on the links to read the posts.

The need and benefits of a Christian Party.

I am doing a blogpost on the SNP, which I hope to publish soon. The immediate solution for May 2021 is conjoint action.

The state of our current SNP personnel is here.

The dangers to Scottish life is explained here.

Three years ago I drew attention to the 7C’s of Christian action here.

Its relevance is the need for Christian action in public life and this shows what happens when they are not there.

In this identity era I have written on Christian identity here, so that Christians may remember that their first identity is not Scotsmen, nationalists, businessmen, or whatever, but Christians.

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