Foolish government according to wise king Solomon

Wise king Solomon’s book of Ecclesiastes gives much wisdom for daily life, just as his book of Proverbs gives wise advice particularly to the young.

A summary of Ecclesiastes chapter 10 runs as follows:

Working conditions

The damaging effect of a little folly upon one’s reputation v1, and the more so when it becomes endemic in governmental structures vv5-7 and poor working conditions and practices vv8-10, especially when it is seen in national affairs with the king and his counsellors vv5,16-17.

The economy and national surveillance

Foolish leadership ruins the local and national economy vv18-19. Watch your conversation in such a surveillance society because someone will notice and report it v20. How modern!

Woe to the country that has children ruling over it v16.

Solomon observed and documented this almost 1000 years before Christ. 2000 years after Christ, politicians and leaders need to relearn the lessons of wisdom from the Bible and preachers need to follow Solomon’s advice how to preach.

The Bible has a timeless message designed for Time and Eternity.


6 Apr 2021: choosing wisely for public office.

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