Government by stealth and NHS privatisation

The Scottish Christian Party has for long highlighted Government by stealth. It is back on the agenda through the crowd-funded documentary The Great NHS Heist. Dr Bob Gill claims that there is long-term plan for trashing the welfare state and privatisation of the NHS by stealth. A short interview with Dr Gill is here, the …

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There is a Christian Party

"There is a Christian Party – I like that!" When Donald Dewar, the first First Minister of the reconstituted Scottish Parliament in 1999, launched the Scotland Bill in 1997 he announced: "There shall be a Scottish parliament," and added: "I like that!" Similarly, "There is a Christian Party – I like that!" You can add …

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The BBC and the democratic deficit

Voters complain that they hear from would-be politicians only at election time. The fact is that most voters don't want to hear from would-be politicians at any time but only from those who are already in power or likely to be helped by their political party to gain power. The same is true of the …

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Christians and political party loyalty

Brexit has tested Westminster party loyalties to breaking point and it is testing the raison d’être of these parties.  There is a realignment along Brexit lines and this General Election is clearly about Brexit – unless one is a Tory. Boris Johnson and the Tories are clearly fighting for their party rather than the country, …

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Representative democracy

Brexit has demonstrated the importance of voting for the person whom you want to represent you in the House of Commons. The current situation of a minority Government bound by the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 has highlighted the following issues: Direct and Representative democracy Should an MP honour the wishes of the country in a …

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