Which media can we trust?

Fake news raises the question, which media can we trust?

The UK diplomatic response to Russian denials of involvement in the poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury includes the claim that Russia is spreading a smoke screen of fake news.

Yet repeated claims over the years that the BBC is itself biassed, not least from the Scottish National Party, is taking its toll.   In December 2017 the BBC posted an article Learn how the BBC is working to strengthen trust and transparency in online news.

However, accuracy of news reporting does not contradict claims of bias.  Evangelical Christians have known for decades the bias of the BBC against evangelical Christianity.  Any BBC sitcom and soap opera will demonstrate its promotion of political correctness, the latest example being the promotion of gender fluidity.  The BBC reflects and promotes secular standards in its programmes, which preach the current theories on gender.  Even its serious discussion programmes have many examples of caricaturing evangelical belief.  Although Christianity is the established religion of the UK, secular values are regularly peddled on the BBC.  Secularism is the UK’s most dominant religion and it is challenging for new ‘established religion’ status.

The interfaith agenda is no bulwark against secularism, any more than secularism is a bulwark against islam.  The interfaith paradigm in the BBC ensures that even the more academic programmes such as In Our Time will discuss the various religious theories, such as creation no matter how weird, with the aim of diluting Christian teaching and ultimately to leave people confused.  This is the same tactic for which Russia is being currently blamed in the Skripal affair.  “It takes one to know one.”

Such obfuscation is not lost on thoughtful Christians who watch the spiritual blindness in our national leaders.  Today’s statistics that there have been 50 murders in London since the beginning of the year and that there have been twelve knife injuries every night over the past twelve months to Mar 2017 speaks of an ungodly culture that has not only lost its way but how to put it right.

Oliver Cromwell dismissed a sitting of Parliament as a useless talking shop and it is time to allow real Christians like the godly Cromwell to restore order to the United Kingdom.


19 Nov 2019: why is the main-stream media (MSM) not reporting on the riots in Iran, closing down the internet and the telephone system and the burning of banks in the major cities of Iran?  The politicians are failing the UK, the national churches have failed the UK, and the MSM is failing the UK.

1 Feb 2020: the proper way to address ‘bias’ in the media. Proper education used to teach students to address the strongest arguments of one’s opponents. It is no debate to deal with poor arguments, and even worse to ‘no platform’ unwelcome speakers.

7 Feb 2020: addressing media bias.

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