Adequate modes of Christian baptism

There are a variety of opinions on how Christian baptism should be performed or administered. Who should do it, where should it be done, by whom and in what circumstances?  In recent times, Roman Catholicism experienced an internal controversy particularly in America in which people changed the words used in baptism so that the Roman …

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Exegesis of Christian baptism

The only solution to the many controversies in the Christian church is the proper exegesis and application of Scripture. Readers may have noticed in my previous blogpost on discipleship baptism that I used this approach to address the subject of Christian baptism. Instead of the standard arguments that each group uses, I used biblical exegesis …

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Christian discipleship baptism

Christian Baptists teach “believer's baptism”, that one should only baptize those who profess faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  In practice, this means that they baptize adults and do not baptize infants. The problem with this is that the Bible does not teach this.  A second problem is that these Baptists baptize only Christians …

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Ambiguity and exegesis: confusing English words

My last blogpost highlighted the mistake that early Christians made between 'soon' and 'suddenly'.  It continues to the present hour, even among academia, with serious practical consequences both to the early Christian church 2Th 3:11 and to current Christianity. There are other examples of ambiguity in English words leading to confusion in exegesis.  Such an …

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The majority of mankind will be saved

The majority of mankind will be saved – will you be among them? It is not uncommon to hear the depressing and unbiblical doctrine that only a minority of the human family will arrive in heaven.  It is also common to hear the ungodly say that they do not want to go to heaven, which …

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